Featured Landscape Project: St. Helena

This deer-fenced area served for many years as a productive summer vegetable garden. The client requested that we integrate her roses into this area as she didn’t need such a large vegetable garden space. A long, arching path was created along the wider axis to separate the two distinct areas (roses and veggies) and to provide a sense of destination. The path is lined with large, brick-shaped stones. The planting plan is simple in order to accentuate the roses. The roses were spaced far enough apart so they can grow into their full form. Various rosemary varieties, patches of chamomile, and two espalier fruit trees along the fence provide visual contrast in leaf color, shape and size. The side of the path with the cut-flowers and vegetables is lined with lavender. This is a rose and a bee lover’s garden. The lavender, rosemary and chamomile are all edible and medicinal. The mulched landscape path was placed by the client.