Featured Landscape Project: Napa (1)

This garden was burdened with uninspiring two-dimensionality. It had a healthy but over-pruned foundation hedge of pineapple guava and photinia along with a troubled, sloping lawn. We kept the foundation hedge and added water-wise, 1 to 3 foot tall, habitat-supporting plants such as lavender, penstemon, euryops, ceanothus, coleonema and California fuchsia. We are allowing the large foundation shrubs to grow out more naturally. The middle sloping section was replaced with a large wave of drought tolerant, native bearberry (manzanita). The front section was planted with additional habitat loving, water-wise plants including California fuchsia, lavender, penstemons, rosemary, coleonema and ceanothus. This new garden is colorful and interesting to look at year round. It is alive with bees, hummingbirds and other beneficial creatures. It uses less irrigation water than the former lawn. The hand-railing and arbor structure in the lower right corner of the photos pre-existed this planting plan. They were installed in the 1970s.