Featured Landscape Project: Redwood City Permaculture Garden

This garden began as a blank slate of raw earth.  Except for a privet tree in the back the entire yard had been laid bare by the previous owners.  My clients requested a drawing for a permaculture garden that would be both attractive and productive.

The design consists of: 1) The existing patio area softened with an arbor and potted plants; 2) permaculture style “Zone One” raised keyhole planting beds to hold  veggies, herbs and cut-flowers; 3) a permaculture style “Zone Two” section with mixed berries, dwarf fruit trees, a habitat pond and California native plants; and, 4) A meditation area with native and Mediterranean plants.

The photos on the right include: a) the conceptual design; b) the keyhole beds at installation; c & d) veggies, herbs and flowers in the keyhole beds the first summer after installation; and, e) the espalier fruit trees against the garage wall (first summer).

Testimonial about this project: Karen Boness of Wild Willow designed both front and back garden areas for my home in Redwood City.  My husband and I had taken a permaculture workshop with her and were very impressed with the depth of her knowledge as well as her passion for her work.   I’ve learned a tremendous amount working with her for she teaches freely and gracefully.  Karen spent several hours at our home and in consultation with us, and then submitted a beautiful drawing of her plan with step by step instructions for installing it.  Our backyard had been completely denuded with weed killers and Karen instructed us on how to get the soil tested and then gave us a plan for sheet mulching which we carried out with the help of friends.  In time, the sheet mulching brought the earth back to life, teeming with worms and mushrooms!  I had a local landscape company install the hard scape, the drip irrigation system and put in the fruit trees, and my husband and I did the rest.  We have a mix of edibles and perennials that is beautiful and nourishing.  Everyone who has come to see our garden marvels at the beauty of the design.   It was a pleasure working with Karen and I love the ever-growing “fruits” of her design. 

      Helen – Redwood City, CA




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  1. Ohhh…Karen what a beautiful design! I love how you maximized the the usefulness of the space with the soft curves of the beds and your utilization of the natural resources available on site. With the placement of plants & trees for maximum production the site teems with the exquisite beauty of your personal style and your passion for food, home grown nourishment of the body and spirit. Thanks for the good work you’re doing in every garden design you provide for your clients.

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