My Five Favorite Native California Flowers

California Poppy by Karen Boness

California poppy – Eschscholzia californica
Brilliant orange in spring and fades to yellow as it ages. This is a medicinal plant. Annual or perennial.

Ceanothus by Karen Boness

Blue Blossom/California Lilac/Ceanothus – Ceanothus sp
There are many species and cultivars but most are known for their deep blue, indigo or pale blue flowers. I especially love C. “Dark Star”. Evergreen shrubs and ground covers.

By The Marmot CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Fremontia/Flannel Bush – Fremontodendron californium
This large, sprawling  shrub has fuzzy light olive-green leaves that can sometimes cause contact dermatitis.  But the profusion of brilliant yellow flowers in late winter or early spring make up for that. Evergreen shrub.

By ALAN SCHMIERER CC0 via Wikimedia Commons

Baby Blue Eyes – Nemophilia menziesii
A lovely annual wildflower with 5 delicate blue petals and a white interior.  Fleeting, delicate and memorable.

By ALAN SCHMIERER CC0 via Wikimedia Commons

Shooting Stars – Dodecatheon sp
Another early season annual wildflower. Its form resembles a shooting star. Mostly magenta/pink in color.  Prefers part shade to shady conditions.

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