Six Reasons Why I Love My Fig Tree

“I am the OTHER girl and the fig.”

I proudly declared this nearly four years ago when I bought my little ranch-style home on Sonoma’s west-side. I like my house, although it really isn’t anything particularly special. But my fig tree – now it’s amazing.

Fig Tree

My Fig Tree

This tree typically evokes superlative responses from newcomers to my home. “Wow!” or “That is the most beautiful fig tree I’ve ever seen.” Or, “It’s so lush!” I don’t know if my fig is the most beautiful fig out there, but I adore it.

It was raining down plump, gorgeous, delicious figs when I first met my tree at a sparsely attended For Sale open house. If I’m honest with myself about what motivated me to buy this house, I would have to say that I bought a fig tree that came with a house rather than the other way around. Here are six reasons why I love my fig tree:

  1. My fig tree provides two outstanding crops of fruit each year. All told it produces a couple thousand figs each year. Honestly. We eat the figs fresh, dry them for winter consumption, make fig vinegar for salad dressings and brew fig Armagnac for our souls. Yum.
  2. Fig trees provide excellent shade in the summer. The other day I beat the heat and set up a portable desk under its canopy.
  3. I don’t have to irrigate my fig tree. It is old and wily enough to have found its own source of water somewhere deep in my soil.
  4. In summer it is a pleasure to look at my fig tree’s dense, lush, shiny, lobed leaves.
  5. In winter I enjoy my fig tree’s crazy and wild branches. Every year I consider and reject thoughts of pruning those weird branches to make my fig look tamer. But it is those wild branches that offer up the best low hanging fruit.
  6. Fig trees are terrific habitat plants. Plant a fig, feed a feathered friend. Raccoons seem to enjoy figs too.

Stay posted and I’ll tell you more about figs and fig trees in the days and weeks to come.

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