Culinary & Medicinal Herb Spiral – A Sample Planting Plan

  • Ba Basil (edible leaves)
  • Bo Borage (edible flowers)
  • Ca Calendula (edible flowers)
  • CF California Fuchsia (native, not edible, habitat bees)
  • Chm Chamomile (leaves & flowers for medicinal tea)
  • Chv Chive (edible leaves and flowers)
  • Ci Cilantro (edible leaves and stems
  • Ech Echinacea (Coneflower, all parts medicinal for tinctures & teas)
  • Fn Fennel (edible seeds, leaves, & root, medicinal)
  • Lav Lavender (flowers added to dishes, sodas, medicinal flowers, habitat bees)
  • Lb Lemon Balm (put in pot, invasive, cold tea, medicinal)
  • Mg Marjoram (leaves added to dishes, cooked)
  • Mt Mint (put in pot, invasive, edible, tea)
  • Ns Nasturtium (edible leaves & flowers)
  • Or Oregano (leaves added to dishes, cooked)
  • Pa Parsley (edible leaves)
  • Rs Rosemary (leaves added to dishes, cooked)
  • Sav Savory (leaves added to soups, dishes, cooked)
  • Sg Sage (leaves added to dishes, cooked, medicinal)
  • Tar Tarragon (leaves added to dishes, cooked)
  • Th Thyme (leaves added to dishes, cooked, medicinal)


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5 Responses to Culinary & Medicinal Herb Spiral – A Sample Planting Plan

  1. Bob Waldrop says:

    What’s the orientation of this spiral? That is, where is north, south, east west? Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Bob, Many apologies for the late response. For some reason Word Press inconsistently informs me of people’s comments. North is to the right on the herb spiral. So the mint is on the north side and lower to the ground to be protected from some of the sun. Good question and thank you. Karen

  2. Paula says:

    What is the diameter of this spiral? Could you also please provide your spacing recommendations. Thank you

    • Karen says:

      Hi Paula, We built this herb spiral a long time ago so I don’t remember exactly. But it was roughly 8′ in diameter. Spacing always depends on the plants you choose and their expected girth or the amount of space you will “allow” the plant to consume. Spacing in this spiral was approximately 18-24″ apart.

  3. Joe says:

    Cool plan – illustrates the big picture really well. Here in TX cilantro is pretty touchy about the heat – gotta give that one special treatment here if you want to keep it going after spring arrives.

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